Breast Lump Management

What is Breast Lump Management?

Tissue mass that is developed in the breast is called lump breast. The surgical process to cut out the lump from breast is called as lumpectomy. These lumps may vary in sizes and textures. There are various causes of breast lumps such as breast cysts, milk cysts, fibrocystic breasts, tumor like growth, small, non-cancerous tumor in a milk duct, infection of the breast, injury, breast cancer etc. Women aged between 25-35 years are most prone to breast lumps.


  • An area of breast is different from the other region
  • Lump stays even after menstruation
  • Lump grows over a period of time
  • Nipple has bloody discharge
  • Bruised breasts for no reason
  • Skin around the breast is red
  • Skin starts peeling off
  • Inverted nipple


  • Lumpectomy in which the lump is removed from the breast
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation in which radioactive rays are used for treatment
  • Mastectomy in which the breast tissue is removed