What is the major difference between laparoscopic and open surgery?


Open surgery requires large incisions of about 8 to 10 cms in the abdomen to expose the area that needs to be treated. Post operation pains are mainly due to these large incisions only and it also stands as a reason for longer hospital stays of about 6-8 days and recovery can be expected in 6-7 weeks. In open surgery, body tissues get exposed to external environment which exponentially raises the chance of infection and adhesion.

Laparoscopic surgery, on the other hand, is a technique that requires smaller incisions of about half to one cm. Several incisions are made to insert the camera to view the internals of the body and others to insert surgical equipments to perform the surgery.

The difference between laparoscopic and open surgery is-

Laparoscopic Surgery

1.       Lesser recovery time of about a week2.       Discharge in one day

3.       Operating time is shorter

4.       Mostly no post-ops

5.       Less pain

6.        Incisions of about 1 cm

7.       Many small incisions

8.       No exposure to the tissues

9.       Fewer wound complications

10.   Video output used for surgery

Open Surgery

1.       Recovery time of about 6-7 weeks2.       Hospital stay of 7-8 days

3.       Longer operating hours

4.       Many post-ops are done

5.       Can be very painful

6.       Incisions of about 8-10 cms

7.       One large incision

8.       Tissues get exposed externally

9.       Many complications can arise

10.   Video output is not used

Even though it may seem that laparoscopic is more beneficial but it is always advised to consider your surgeon’s suggestions.