How is laparoscopic surgery performed?


To begin with, the doctor first asks you to undergo some tests that inform him whether you need to have a surgery or not. If the symptoms are severe and require you to go through the procedure, then the surgery is undertaken.

It is usually done under general anesthesia which means that the patient remains asleep while the surgery is performed. About a 1-2 cm long incision is made around the navel to inject carbon dioxide air. This is done to inflate the tummy so that the surgeons can view the internal organs of the stomach clearly. The monitor that is attached to the instrument called laparoscope displays the images on this screen in order to enable the surgeon to view it and perform the surgery.

Additional small incisions may be made to allow the instruments to be inserted in order to perform the surgery. An eye is kept on other ends of these instruments to treat the affected area. In fact, there is also a Single-port laparoscopic technique which is used to perform the surgery through the same incision.  After the affected area is treated, the instruments are extracted out and the incisions are closed and dressing is applied.